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Important hint concerning all links on the homepage of World Of Electronics:
In the judgement from 12. May 1998 - 312 O 85/98 - "Haftung fuer Links" the district court Hamburg decided that by providing links you can be made responsible for the contents of the linked sites. One can only prevent this by keeping one's distance from these contents. Herewith I keep my distance from all contents of the linked sites on my homepage. This declaration is valid for all links on my homepage. The judgement can be read here:

Important hint concerning WOE projects:
All published information on the WOE homepage concerning schematics and PCBs and all firmware and software may only be used for non-commercial private use, but you build them on your own risk. There is no liability of WOE for the correctness and usability of the published schematics and PCBs. WOE is a non-commercial private homepage.

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