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World Of Electronics is a private non-commercial homepage. Schematics and firmware of the described projects are available for free. If you like this site, feel free to support me with a PayPal donation with an amount of your choice starting from 1 Euro or 1 US-Dollar. You will help me covering costs for electronic parts, measurement instruments etc. and you will support the development of further free projects on this site. Thank you.

How it works:
Choose your preferred currency (Euro or US-Dollar) below and click on "Make a Donation". A new page will be opened with the PayPal website, there you can enter the amount of your donation (starting from 1 Euro or 1 US-Dollar). If you already have a PayPal account, you can also log in there, otherwise you can open a free account there.


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The free newsletter of World Of Electronics (in German language) can be subscribed to on this site.

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