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Collect Webmiles for free

Collect Webmiles for free in the internet and then exchange them for free products - more information on the site Earning money.

Free webspace for your homepage

· At Yahoo!Geocities you can get 15 MB webspace for free. You can also get an email address.

· At Fortunecity you can get 25 MB webspace for free with some restrictions.

· At Lycos Tripod you can get 50 MB web space for free for your own homepage.

· URL-forwarding for free at
You get a short URL which can be configured non-advertising, your URL looks like this:

Free newsservers

Those people who don't have access to newsgroups via their internet provider can use one of the following free newsservers.

· Newsserver of FU Berlin, but unfortunately not for free anymore!

· Electronic newsgroups can be found on the site Links.

Free products

· At Maxim free samples of ICs are available.

Links to other sites about free stuff

· detailed summary of free stuff in the internet

· Gratis2000: things that are available for free or favorable

· Geizkragen: (=miser) list of free offers in the internet.

· Kostnixx: Information about free offers and services in the internet, including search engine

· Nulltarif: everything you can get for free in the internet

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