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Type Manufacturer Resolution File
DMC-20434 Optrex alphanum. 20x4 PDF
DMC-40120 Optrex alphanum. 40x1 PDF
DMC-40218 Optrex alphanum. 40x2 PDF
DMC-40457 Optrex alphanum. 40x4 PDF
DMF-5000 series Optrex ... PDF
DMF-5005 Optrex 240x64 PDF
DMF-50081 Optrex 320x240 PDF
DMF-50202 Optrex 128x64 PDF
DM* Optrex LCDs Optrex diverse PDF

Type Manufacturer Resolution File
ECM-A0557 Epson 640x480 PDF
EG2401 Epson 256x64 PDF
EG4401 Epson 256x128 PDF
EG4801 Epson 512x128 PDF
EG7010 Epson 640x200 PDF
EG7500 Epson 320x200 PDF
EG8008F Epson 640x400 GIF
EG9007 Epson 640x480 ZIP
EG9013 Epson 640x480 PDF
EH5322 Sanyo 640x480 PDF

Type Manufacturer Resolution File
G321D Seiko 320x200 PDF
G648D Seiko 640x200 PDF

Type Manufacturer Resolution File
HDM3224 Hantronix 320x240 PDF
HDM6448 Hantronix 640x480 PDF
HLM6323 Hosiden 320x240 PDF
HLM8619 Hosiden 320x240 PDF

Type Manufacturer Resolution File
K6484 Citizen 640x480 PDF
KCS6448 Kyocera 640x480 PDF
KL6448 Kyocera 640x480 PDF
KS6448 Kyocera 640x480 PDF

Type Manufacturer Resolution File
LCA4SE01 LG Electronics 800x600 PDF
LM016 Hitachi alphanum. 16x2 HTM
LM032 Hitachi alphanum. 20x2 PDF
LM032 Nanya 320x240 PDF
LM044 Hitachi alphanum. 20x4 HTM
LM12S402 Sharp 800x600 PDF
LM211 Hitachi 64x480 PDF
LM213 Hitachi 256x64 HTM
LM215 Hitachi (?) 480x128 PDF
LM24010 Sharp 240x128 PDF
LM24014 Sharp 240x64 PDF
LM32010 Sharp 320x240 ZIP
LM32P07 Sharp 320x240 ZIP
LM32P18 Sharp 320x240 PDF
LM6064 Densitron 640x200 PDF
LM641521 Sharp 640x480 PDF
LM64194F Sharp 640x480 PDF
LM64C031 Sharp 640x480 GIF
LM64C12 Sharp 640x480 PDF
LM64C152 Sharp 640x480 PDF
LM64P11 Sharp 640x480 PDF
LM64P70 Sharp 640x480 ZIP
LM64P858 Sharp 640x480 PDF
LM_97_005 Nanya 128x64 PDF
LMG6381 Hitachi 256x64 HTM
LMG7380 Hitachi 256x64 HTM
LMG7520 Hitachi 320x240 HTM
LMG6400 Hitachi 240x128 HTM
LMG6401 Hitachi 240x128 HTM
LMG7400 Hitachi 240x128 HTM
LMG7401 Hitachi 240x128 HTM
LP104S2 LG Electronics 800x600 PDF
LQ9D021 Sharp 640x480 PDF
LQ10D32A Sharp 640x480 PDF
LQ12S41 Sharp 800x600 PDF
LQ9D03B Sharp 640x480 PDF
LRUDC801 Alps 640x480 PDF

Type Manufacturer Resolution File
PG12864 Powertip 128x64 PDF

Type Manufacturer Resolution File
SP10Q003 Hitachi 320x240 HTM
SP10Q005 Hitachi 320x240 HTM
SP14Q002 Hitachi 320x240 HTM
SP14Q003 Hitachi 320x240 HTM
SX19V007 Hitachi 640x480 HTM
SX25S003 Hitachi 800x600 HTM

Links to LCD datasheets

Large table with diverse LCD pinouts diverse LCD pinouts LCD datasheets for Hitachi-LCDs diverse LCD pinouts LCD datasheets for Optrex-LCDs Lots of datashets for TFT displays diverse LCD pinouts

LCD-Controller SED1335F

Information about controlling graphical LCDs with the LCD controller SED1335F can be found on the page LC-Displays.

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