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Interesting links to electronic sites

· Hobby Hi-Fi Elektronik-Forum: forum with informations around audio, video ...

· DS-ELECTRONICS: Tips & tricks for home electronics, electronics / schematics / computer / communication...

· Tomi Engdahl's electronics info page: very good link collection for almost all electronic themes

· Homepage of Georg Acher: Information about Nokia TV-Tuner 5827 (see also Electronic projects)

· Computerclub WDR: Project "Lallus" - a speaking computer for supervising a house via phone line

· Repairfaq: Hints to repair electronic devices

· LCD Discussions: Discussion forum around LC-Displays: driving LCDs, pinning diagrams ...

· Elektronik-Kompendium: Information about electronics, computers, communication

· GALBlast: GAL-Programmer, connected to the Centronics-interface of a PC

· The Online 8052 Resource: lots of information about microcontrollers of the 8051/52-family

· PonyProg: Serial Device Programmer, for example for AVR microcontrollers

· Brainstorming Page: Electronic projects in the internet, links to semiconductor manufacturers, magazines and schematics

· Hobby-Elektronik: electronic infos, collection of schematics

· Johann Aichinger's modeling and electronic site

· Knowhow, downloads (e.g. IC databook), projects, Electronic-Design magazine ...

· Electrolinx: Basic Stamps, PIC Micros, Intel 8051, Robotics, Remote Control ...

· A lot of electronic circuits are available at

· Mike's Elektronikpage: Electronic projects, printed circuit service

· Electronic projects, electronic circuits, forum ...

· basics, projects, electronic circuits, PIC microcontroller ...

· Technikwelt: electronic circuits, I²C, C-Control, PIC microcontrollers, datasheets, forum ...

· Elektro-Page: electronic circuits, introduction to hobby electronics, downloads, datasheets

· Elektronik für den Modellbau: useful circuits for modelling, microcontroller circuits, LCD-Testboard, Keyboard ...

· Programming tutorial for PIC microcontrollers: Programming tutorial for PIC microcontrollers with C (CC5X Compiler) containing examples and schematics, hardware and software.

Datasheet search

You can get more information about finding datasheets in the internet on the site Datasheet search.

Electronic newsgroups

· de.sci.electronics

· maus.technik.elektronik

· fido.ger.elektronik

· z-netz.alt.elektronik

· Free newsservers that also provide the newsgroups listed above

· At Dejanews and Remarq you can search for threads discussed before in newsgroups.

Electronic and computer magazines

· Elektor: Electronic & computer technology

· Elektronik: technical journal for industrial employers and developers

· Elektronik Praxis: Electronic magazine

· ELV Journal: Electronic magazine

· Funkamateur: Magazine for radio, electronic, computer

· c't: Magazine for computer technology

· Chip: Computer magazine

Other links

· books can be ordered via internet without shipping costs

· Franzis-Verlag: Literature about electronics and computers

· Search engine Metacrawler: search via several search engines at the same time

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